Flooding Repairs Completed at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. – New Mexico State Parks announces the completion of flood repairs and improvements to park facilities at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park that began in April 2010. The historic Oliver Lee Ranch House, the visitor center roof, the comfort station and the nature trail all suffered considerable damage during extensive flooding in 2006 and 2008.

“After a 200-year flood and a 500-year flood, we are glad that all our facilities are now open and ready for visitors,” said Park Manager Wendy Justice.

The Oliver Lee Ranch House is one of the park’s main attractions and was considerably impacted by the floods. The ranch house was built in the late 19th century and occupied by Oliver Lee, a prominent rancher who served both houses of the New Mexico Legislature.

The ranch house roof system was completely rebuilt with new metal roofing, decking, underlayment, gutters, and downspouts. The previous roof system was a product of its time, with wood planks and gaps in between to conserve materials. The roof was replaced with solid decking to withstand future monsoons but retain the building’s historic appearance. State Park’s in-house construction crew built drainage structures around the house to divert water and prevent water from entering the building.

Twelve flash floods within a month in 2006 http://premier-pharmacy.com tore out the bridge to the boardwalk and part of the nature trail at the base of Dog Canyon. As soon as park staff repaired some of the damage, another flash flood came through and destroyed their work. The trail was repaired and rerouted and the old roofing on the comfort station was replaced with a new synthetic roof. A new solar hot water system will provide both hot shower water and in-slab radiant heat. Repairs were made to the visitor center as well, which suffered an influx of mold and also was re-roofed.

The cost for the ranch house roof totaled $91,703, with funding from a statewide appropriation from the Legislature. Comfort station repairs cost $86,203 and were funded by an appropriation by the local delegation and some Legislative statewide appropriation. The trail was rebuilt for approximately $20,000 using Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds.

Set against the desert foothills of the dramatic Sacramento Mountains, Oliver Lee Memorial State Park features historic exhibits and a restored 19th century ranch house. The park is located eight miles south of Alamogordo on U.S. 54 and four miles east on Dog Canyon Road. For more information, please call 575-437- 8284 or visit www.nmparks.com.