Cloudcroft 8th Graders Make A Difference

By Harmony Johnson 8th grade student
“How can I change the world?” is a question that is commonly asked. Well this question was assigned to the Cloudcroft Middle School 8th grade. I, along with thirty-two other 8th graders pondered on how we could change the world. So far we have already made a huge impact not just in our community but our world.

One boy in my class has taken matters into his own hands concerning the cleanliness of the water in Haiti. He has organized fundraisers to raise money to purchase water purification tablets. So that Haiti can have clean and pure water to drink. It is hard to believe that a miracle Haiti needed was root beer floats.

In our community we are also trying to improve matters like bullying, recycling, and happiness! Bullying is a very big problem many kids in the world face. No matter if it’s mental or physical, it still hurts! So two of my peers have created an educational video explaining what to do if you’re being bullied and explained that there are actually different types of bullying.

Recycling is becoming a big thing across our world, yet Cloudcroft does not have any means of recycling; so another classmate and I have worked to bring recycling into the school system. He has been working on getting plastic recycling going in the middle school and I have been encouraging aluminum recycling in the elementary school. I even made an educational video that I showed to the kindergarteners about ways to recycle around your home. You can reuse water bottles more than once, hand down your old clothes, and of course recycle all aluminum, plastic and cardboard. Other students have been helping all become aware of a simple problem like litter.

Happiness is what every person wants! One of my intelligent caring friends came up with a very well thought out idea. Her idea is simply random acts of kindness. She just wants to give someone a positive direction in their day. So if you find a penny with a positive note, receive a card with in inspirational message or see posters with a quote to make you smile just know that someone wants to brighten your day, make you smile, and create a happier kinder community.

There are many other amazing projects worth mentioning. For instance on March 18th there was a basketball game held. You had to pay a dollar to enter to see the 8th graders face each other. The game turned out to be quite exciting the score was 31-29. All the proceeds went to United Way for the summer program. Another one of my class mates created a video on how to coexist. You may catch a glimpse of this video on Youtube. Check it out! There are many other great projects that are helping the well being of our world, like collecting clothing for the poor and items for a women’s shelter in Ruidoso and even how to compost. But the real question is what are you going to do to change the world?


  1. Comment by Dylan J. Benshoof:

    This project was fun and productive to the world.

    8th grader

  2. Comment by K'Leigh Flotte:

    Harmony! I love the way you use your words and care about what people are doing in the world! I love you!

  3. Comment by Kassandra Morales:

    Harmony this was AMAZING!!!!!! wait till rolling stone gets a hold of this theyll hire you on the spot!!!!!:)

  4. Comment by Chris Moore:

    You’re quite right, Harmony, we may be indiviuals, but we can make a diffrence. I would even sugjest that the eight graders next year should do it, and the year after that. WAY BUANO!!!!!!!!!

  5. Comment by Chris Moore:

    I agree!!!!!!:)

  6. Comment by Chris Moore:

    way to go dylan!!!

  7. Comment by Harmony Johnson:

    Thank you for all the positive compliments everyone!! 🙂 im still nervous having this on here but you all are making it a lot easier thanks so much for supporting me 🙂

  8. Comment by Katie:

    You guys are doing a great thing and really making a difference!

  9. Comment by Kathy:

    Harmony, great article and great job everyone. I am proud of you all!!!!

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