Apache Point Observatory Open House

Apache Point Observatory (APO) will turn its telescopes to the beautiful dark skies of New Mexico and invite the public to view and enjoy an evening of astronomy:  Friday March 18, 2011, from 7:00pm to 11:00pm only.
The program will take place at the Sunspot Astronomy and Visitor Center in Sunspot, NM, with science presentations, small telescopes for viewing, an exhibit area, refreshments, and more.  Organized group tours will be conducted to APO, where our guests will have an opportunity to view objects through the ARC 3.5-meter telescope and to visit the Sloan Digital Sky Survey fiber optic plate lab.
Each tour group to APO telescopes will be limited to 10 people and reservations are required.  All parts of the program are free, but tour reservations are on a first come first served basis.  For reservations or questions, please call Gretchen Van Doren at 575-437-6822, 9am – 3pm, weekdays, from March 1 through March 14, 2011.  If inclement weather is forecast, there will be science presentations and tours of APO but the telescopes will not open for viewing.

Apache Point Observatory is privately funded by the Astronomical Research Consortium and operated by New Mexico State University.  We are not open to the public during the year.


  1. Comment by Barbara Hansen:

    Don’t miss this!

  2. Comment by Barbara Hansen:

    The New Mexico night sky could not have been clearer for the Open House at Apache Point. I just want to thank the folks at the observatory for a great evening. I especially want to thank Gretchen for a good job getting these tours lined up and ready to go. What a pleasure to be able to make plans for friends and neighbors and have everything work out! I’ll be looking forward to next year’s event.