Notes from The Bird House – Wind Wind Wind

Wind Wind Wind
by Ruth Lane
Today is such a windy day. We put bird feeders out every morning for our local birds to feast on. 5 feeders every morning full….5 feeders every afternoon empty. Today, however, is different. Wind gust in the 60-70 mph range makes dining an effort. Birds are hanging on for dear life to the feeders. They are here one minute (wind gust)…gone the next. Poor birdies. Snow is in the air and is always common this time of year.

Along with this time of year is our Mardi Gras. I can remember the first parade. It was sad. I came from the gulf coast where Mardi Gras is done right. But it was a valiant effort. The next year was better and each year after that just got better and better. Love the atmosphere and contagious happiness it brings. The bands and dancing, the food and games always fun. A real family affair during the day and night generic nexium medication time brings the adults together for fun, food and dancing. Yep, it just gets better and better each year. Down south it is hot during Mari Gras, here not so much. If you come, you better bring your snow boots. I think we have only had one or two years free of snow when the Mardi Gras was taking place. At first, it was strange but now it feels as normal as breathing. I think it is worth coming up for. I would check the webcam for snow. If we have it don’t forget the sleds or inter-tubes for tubing. I think the ice skating rink is still open too.

We hope you come up and don’t forget to stop in The Bird House for our Mardi Gras Specials. Well I better go bring in the feeders. The little birdies are squealing as they are blown off the feeders. Time to go home little babies.