Historic Railroad Trestle Work Continues

Alamogordo, NM (February 18, 2011) – The orange-shirted workers and cranes are gone; the Mexican Canyon Trestle now stands strong and quiet, reminding us of the days when the train took logs down and brought visitors up the mountain. Now what?  Soon we will again have the bustle of construction in the area. Briston Construction is planning to begin work on the Trestle Vista around the first of April.

Highway 82 will be moved north, making more space on the south side for safe parking.  A side walk with interpretive signs will be installed, as will a viewing platform with benches, so visitors can sit down and enjoy the Trestle, White Sands, a sunset, their lunch, or the fresh mountain air.

While moving the highway may temporarily slow traffic, two lanes are expected to stay http://www.buyambienmed.com open to keep those cars moving. Highway relocation will obliterate the existing trailhead and parking for the popular Osha Trail. Work is planned to begin in March on an alternative access trail and parking for the Osha Trail. This new trailhead will be located at the bottom of Muchachita Avenue where it meets Highway 82. Visitors in Pines Campground will still be able to access Osha Trail from the campground.  As always, visitors can park in town and walk out Osha Trail road.

If you’d like to help with trail construction, please contact Peg Crim, at pcrim@fs.fed.us, or 575-434-7231 or leave your name and contact information at the Sacramento District Office.

            For more information on the Lincoln National Forest, please review our website at:  www.fs.usda.gov/lincoln or follow us on Twitter.com/lincolnsmokey.