Follow Me to the Senior Center

Follow me to the Senior Center, by Carl and Jo Ann Hauser

Sometime last year the Senior Center did a survey on what were the most popular lunches. My first choice was, “Anything but chicken.” My second choice was, “Anything but chicken.” The Senior Center is currently serving about twelve healthy, tasty (my wife assures me) chicken meals per month. Apparently I’m being ignored, so I’ve decided to do an in-depth, behind-the-scenes, Larry Barker-type investigation on how the kitchen at the Senior Center really works

Tammy, our head chef, and seriously one of the finest cooks in all of Otero County, arrived at the Senior Center twelve or more years ago. She immediately put her foot down, and said, “No more horse meat in meat loaf!” saving it only for the tacos. Kathy, being an expert at balancing the budget and saving money, ordered Tammy to look for ways to save more money, so she started accepting donations from the highway department. This has allowed our kitchen to serve such delicacies as possum stew, road kill pie, and chef’s surprise. Tammy is such a good chef she can make everything taste like chicken . . . or not. She scoffs at seven herbs and spices . . . using at least a dozen. So, apparently they are not serving chicken as often as I thought! Seriously, Tammy Eldridge, one of the finest chefs in all of Otero County! However, the girls are a bit sensitive about their kitchen. Men, if you are so bold as to set foot into their kitchen, you’ll hear comments from the staff like “Where have you been?” “Are you still here?” “Don’t touch that!” and “Don’t touch me!” You’ll feel just like you were at home.

With all the extra information we uncovered from our research, we decided to do another contest. Lucky you!!! You must correctly match the staff members 1.Kathy, 2.Tammy, 3.Marrianne, 4.Wendy, 5.Michele, 6.Susan and 7.Paula with their hobbies and interests: A.Cheerleader, B.Motor Sports, C.Motor Mouth, D.Cheerleader, E.Has a hankering for sweet, little old men in dresses, F.Trying to break the Guinness World Record for most dates in a weekend, G.Cheerleader, H.Going Postal, I.Gone Postal, J.Cheerleader, K.Loves Mickey Mouse, L.Loves Lions, M.Cheerleader, N.A true blond, O.Phone Phobia (this could be all of the above!), P.Sweet and Compassionate (this IS all of the above!), Q.Sense of humor (hopefully all of the above).

Remember, besides joining us for a tasty lunch Monday through Friday, you can ride the Senior Center van to Alamogordo on Mondays for shopping and lunch out. Tuesdays we offer free bridge lessons after a delightful lunch. The first Wednesday of the month is Roadrunner Food Bank pick up. Thursdays, following the “Chef’s Surprise” for lunch, we play bridge. The week winds up with Fitness Farkle Friday ~ exercise at 10:00 with Gail McCoy; lunch at 11:30; Farkle begins at noon or 12:15, hosted by Marcy Jellum, Paula Merrell, and Sue Haslam. Angel Food Ministry food boxes can be ordered monthly, at a sweet price. Call the Good Time Girls at 682-3022 for reservations or more information on any of the above activities. Follow me to the best Senior Center in all of New Mexico!!!
Sacramento Mountain Senior Services, Inc.

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